1990 Williams Whirlwind Pinball Machine
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The game will blow you away!
Here are some pictures of Pat Lawlor's design of the infamous Whirlwind Pinball Machine...

  Full playfield View... This still has day 1 mylar on the playfield with no worn spots through it either. Minty fresh underneath, that some day would make a nice removal and clear-coat!

This Whirlwind has the rare "Chicago Cubs" baseball hat in the backglass that Williams didn't have permission to use! So only so many were released before this was changed to a "W" on the cap instead!
  Closer shot of the playfield... Installed NEW spinner decals with more grip on them and much brighter than the ones that were on there! The "ball is wild" as Harry Williams would say now!

Put new slingshots on and lexan clear washers so they won't breal again!

Topper works great with no cracks in it!