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Welcome To My Home Page

This website is a website to host some of many interests.  For other collectors to see or to inspire others in the hobby.

I'm located in Barrie, Ontario Canada and would be interested to hear from other collectors in the area to chat.

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Above:  My current gameroom downstairs. MAME Arcade Cabinet, Commodore Vic-20 Modded Blue in colour, 4032 Commodore PET with 2040 dual 5.25" disk drive and 2004 Stern Lord of the Rings Pinball Machine (formerly Doug Gilmour's Ex-Toronto Maple Leaf Forward).

Below: A old picture of the gameroom looking through the french provincial doors...


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Notice the licence plates on the wall (complete birth year run for 1967 of every Province and Territory in Canada!) NWT is the rarest with year tag in EX condition, some Provinces had a "booster plate" to commemorate Canada's 100th Birthday that year to make the collection a bit bigger than the usual 12. The reflection you see of 3 of the plates is meant to be, as they used a reflective paint so the cars would be more noticable at night!

You can barely see on the back right wall a display leaning on top of the bookcase, this is a  large Civil War Bullet collection that were dug from the actual war site's by fellow metal detectorists many years later.  I collected, catalogued and mounted to preserve a piece of history.  Those bullets are huge compared to today's bullets!