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MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Project:

This is a project which I built a cabinet from drawings onto 2-4 X 8 sheets

of MDF Board, cut using a jigsaw, assembled, painted and configured a

home computer to run 4500 Video Arcade Games from the 1980's!

The system used:

733Mhz Pentium III

256 MB Ram

30 Gig HD

CD-RW and DVD Reader

Radeon 9200 SE 128 MB Video Card

Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Sound Card

Cyber Acoustics 3640ML 2.1 Sub-Woofer 80W Speaker system

X-Arcade dual joystick system

Windows 98 SE

MAME V0.87 U4

Press your brower "Refresh" if pics don't load the 1st time.

Email :  centallica@yahoo.com

Out in the garage- 4 X 8 sheets of MDF

The base of the cabinet...

Base and Monitor shelf attached to one side....

Side view of assebled sides....

Front view of nearly assembled cabinet.....

Painted side view...

Front view of painted cabinet with roller drawer unit assembled!

The completed unit-many hours later!

Closer view of Qix being ready to play!